Thursday, July 3, 2008


Bats are found on every continent!!!! But not the Arctic. Isn't that amazing!? Bats can eat grasshoppers, moths, butterflies, and sometimes scorpions. If bats have babies, when they go to hunt, they leave the baby in a little nursery with other baby bats and they pack up to keep warm. Do you think that bats are birds? They're mammals. Mammals have fur, and bats have fur. Baby bats live on their mothers' milk. Birds don't have milk. Birds hunt for food for their babies. But bats have their own milk. Bats are NOT birds, they are mammals. Homes for bats are bushes, caves, barns, and fenceposts. Have you been to Moody Gardens? Well, there's this little rainforest thing, and if you make it through it, you can see bats. Mom doesn't really know about the bats. And she didn't like it when she saw the vampire bat. I saw it eating blood. Bats are pretty cool!
(Transcribed by Mom)


Feldman Family said...

bats usually give me the creeps...but you made them sound really interesting! thanks emma...maybe i should give the bats a chance :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for teaching me about bats and how they are different from birds! i miss you, emma!

bekah said...

Wow. Bats are really cool!

Thanks for keeping us updatd Emma.


Hendrick Family said...

Bats FREAK me out...but YOU don't freak me out. You make me smile.

Love you.

Mrs. Heather

Cindy Seay said...

I love it that you know so much about all kinds of things -especially bats. I always learn so much from you.
I really, really love you, Emma!

Adam & Emily said...

Thanks Emma! If you ever want to see a LOT of bats all at once, ask your parents to take you to Austin sometime. I think it's in the fall, but they LOTS of bats that fly out of the caves at sunset. Anyhow, please keep teaching me about animals! Oh, and we need to Skype alien skills are fading! Miss you!