Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I got a book from the library today. It's called Elizabite by H.A. Rey.
It's about a carniverous plant called a Venus Flytrap. And it grows really, really big. Elizabite bit the dog's tail off, bit the doctor, and bit the maid in the bottom! You should read Elizabite.
Then I made a paper Venus Flytrap. Then I made another flower, just a normal flower, and they were both named Bite, that's the Venus Flytrap, and Sunny, it's the normal flower. I decided to make a company named A.F. A.F. stands for Amazing Flowers. The people who work in A.F. will teach people about taking care of their garden. And there shall be members in A.F. The people who will be members will be people who take very good care of their gardens. The first member I'll ever know included in is my father. He's a doctor, but he takes very good care of the garden. The garden grows in a zip! A.F. has a little water bucket, and we keep Sunny and Bite where there's no sun, so A.F. made a sun for them. If you ever visit our house, you can talk to me, Emma Bacak, and you can learn more about it.


Cindy Seay said...

Wow, that is all so cool! The flowers you helped me plant are growing tall and strong so I think you should be a member of A.F.
You are so awesome!
i love you,

Nichole said...

Emma I am so glad I got to read your book with you, and that I got to see your AF plants! I love how smart you are!