Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Missing Tooth

I lost a tooth. During a game at church I bumped into somebody and my tooth fell out. My gums hurt! I haven't gotten any money for it yet. I can't wait until the tooth fairy comes! I gotta tell you something...if somebody believes in the tooth fairy, don't let them hear it. (whispering) I know the truth about the tooth fairy. My Dad told me a joke that's very funny, even though he meant it. He said "I like your toothless grin!" He said that because I have two missing tooths on the bottom of my mouth, and this one that I'm telling you about right now is at the top of my mouth. I'm glad that it wasn't one of my permanent tooths!


Amanda said...

I am glad it wasn't a permanent tooth too Em!! Now we can wait for the grown up tooth to come in. I love you sweet girl!

Cindy Seay said...

You have the cutest smile ever, even with a missing tooth.
I hope you get some money from the tooth fairy:)
i love you,