Sunday, July 6, 2008

Emma's French Toast

I like to cook. Dad and I cooked French Toast on Saturday. It's really good. I think if you've never tried French Toast, you should try it. I found this recipe on a game. We had Nick and Carissa, and their baby, Eden, and Matt and Erin over for breakfast. And they liked it! So maybe some more of our friends can come over and try it. It was good! Try this recipe! You can print it out like I did.


Cindy Seay said...

I know you will be as good a cook as your mom. I"m proud of you that you can cook and write blogs.
French toast is a very special breakfast.
I love you,

Kellie said...

Thanks Emma! My son loves to cook and I am going to pass the recipe on to him!

The Mosiers said...

Emma this french toast was so good! We loved it! Thanks for helping make our breakfast on Saturday.

Matt and Erin

The Vann's said...

Emma, your french toast was so tasty! Thank you for the yummy breakfast and for giving me the recipe! It was so great to see you on Saturday. We miss you already!


Darrell Bacak family said...

Emma -

The French toast sounds yummy! You have to make some for Uncle D one day soon. Miss you!

Uncle D

Cynthia said...

Hi Emma, my name is Kaitlyn. I am nine and I am a Christian too. I really like French toast. I also really like animals.

I have a blog too. You can go to my blog through my mom's blog, Then go to her blog. When you get there, look for a tab at the top of the page that says KT's. I hope you come visit it!

Amanda said...

I absolutely love French Toast. It is my favorite breakfast food. I am so glad you found a yummy recipe for me to try. I love you!!

Adam & Emily said...

Yumm Yumm....this sounds great. I have always been a french toast fan. I used to make it with my dad too. It has been a while though and I don't know if I can remember what we did...thanks for the recipe:)


Marcus and Meg Asby said...

Yum, Emma! French toast sounds really good right now . . . I bet yours is delicious. My friend made French toast for his wife tonight. You are so grown-up.

You'll be making Bananas Foster before we know it!