Sunday, August 17, 2008

If I was a movie director...

If I was a movie director, I would make Christian stories.
My first story would be called "God's Warrior." It's about this girl named Susan. She is in a battle between God and the Devil. She gets her way to the devil, she fights the devil, she's about to lose, and then Jesus comes, and he helps her and then win!!! The lesson of the story is you can be God's Warrior.
And then my second story would be called "God's Girl." It's about this girl that lives in Asia and she's an orphan. She teaches everyone about God, even though she could get killed for it. (This is called persecuted.) When people decided to persecute her, before they found her, God told her to go somewhere. The Holy Spirit got her deeper and deeper through the jungle...she walked for days. And when she was too tired to go on, God gave her a donkey, and food. And when she got to the place, she made friends with the animals, made a shelter, and it was right by a river. So she had plenty of fruit, plants, and water. She was very safe there. She lives there for months, and then one day a city was built right next to her. But the city didn't know where her lair was. So she teached about God in that city. This story's lesson is obey God for He will take care of you.
My third story is called "The Horse Who Knew God." It's about this orange horse that was called Spirit. Spirit had to go far away to face this other horse that loved the Devil because God told him to. Once he got to the place, he fought the horse that loved the Devil and he wan! And God rewarded him by letting him take over the land where the Devil's horse lived. It was a beautiful land and it had plenty of food. Spirit's land where he lived first barely had enough food and water. This story's lesson is saying God will help you win a battle against the Devil.
My fourth story will be about a sea monster and a girl. It's about this sea monster who almost breaked this girl's house. The people who lived in that house thought he was an enemy. God told the girl that even though he was an enemy to her that she should be kind to him. So she was. And when she did that, she started to love him, and so did he, so one day they were the best of friends. This story's lesson is love your enemies.
My fifth story is about this leopard who has to fight a huge tiger for God. The tiger loved the Devil more than anything and God told the leopard to try to fight him. The leopard did and he wan! His family and cheetahs really liked him now. And the jungle lived happily ever after. This story's lesson is no matter how scary or how big the nations, God is with you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

An Ancient Fight

I am wondering a question that I haven't figured out. It's about some sort of fight against a sabre tooth tiger and an ancient cave bear. Who will win? I have a book about ancient cave bears and one about sabre tooth tigers. Two books. An ancient cave bear will frighten ancient people. And the sabre tooth tiger is the most furious cat. I read it on the cover of the book. It said that the ancient cave bear would frighten ancient people and the saber tooth is the most furious cat that ever lived. And in the book of the ancient cave bear, they call the ancient cave bear, an ancient giant. And the saber tooth looks like he gives me the creeps. But the ancient cave bear gives me even more the creeps. Who do you think would win? I think the ancient cave bear would. Whose team would you be on? Which one do you want to win? A very question that I don't think scientist know. It's a mystery that I will probably never figure out. You want to know one thing that I think the ancient cave bear would win? Cause I saw a picture in the ancient cave bear book that there were two ancient people in a cave, and a cave bear came in, and all they could do to protect themselves was throw a spear. And run for their lives. That's all.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Call of the Wolf- Story by Emma



Once there was a pack of wolves. One of the wolves was a gray wolf, and he was called Dakota. And there was a white wolf named White Wind. His nickname was Wind. They were two good friends. One winter morning, they heard and they saw a bullet shot. It didn't hurt anybody, it didn't get anybody. But the pack moved to a big hole and digged in it to make it bigger, big enough for the whole pack. They made it deep, so they can hide from whatever it was. One night, Dakota looked out of the whole, and then he saw something. It was a light in the forest. Then he saw another smaller light. They were coming closer, and closer. Suddenly, the lights were right on the hole! It was hunters! Dakota went really deep into his hole. He ran to the bottom. Then he found Wind. He stayed by Wind and slept by him. In the morning he told him right away, right at dawn, that the hunters were here. They raced out of the hole, and they went to search for the hunters.
"Oh, excuse me" cried out Wind. "Will you please kindly tell me if you've seen any men here?" Wind said to a bird.
And the bird said "They went that way- across that path. I remember there was a few paths along the way. I think they took one of them. I know you're a good smeller, and your friend is too, so sniff out where they went and you'll find them" said the bird.
"Thank you bird" said Dakota.
"I think they moved their shelter" said Wind. "Hurry, we must go!"
Then they saw a skunk. The skunk said "Why are you in such a hurry?"
"We are looking for men" said Dakota and Wind, at the same time. "Will you kindly help us find them?"
"I know where they went!" said the skunk.
"So, tell us..." said Wind.
"I'll do better than that. I'll lead you to it" said the skunk.
"Thank you" said Dakota.
"Climb onto my back" said Wind to the skunk "and lead us."
"Take that path!" said the skunk. "We must hurry!"
Suddenly they saw the cabin. "There it is!" cried out Dakota.
"Be quiet!" said Wind. "We don't want to be noticed."
Suddenly the two wolves and the skunk creeped up to the cabin. They could smell food. The humans were cooking.
They heard humans talking "Can you wait until this meat turns into wolf meat?" one human said.
The other human said "We'll probably cut off their heads and put them up on the wall, like deer heads."
Suddenly, Dakota almost fainted. Then the skunk sprayed at the window!
The humans said "What an awful smell! It's a skunk!"
Dakota and Wind got away fast enough for them not to catch them.
"Now you did it!" said Wind to the skunk.
The hunters were shooting and running! Suddenly, Dakota got an idea.
"You know what? I think everybody is scared of me. And the skunk and the bird are bravest animals in the forest that we would eat" said Dakota. "You know it's our sharp claws and out bite. So we shall go up in a tree and then when the humans look up and see us, we will jump on their faces and kill them like animals."
"Great idea!" said skunk and Wind.
So they went up in the nearest tree. "But how will we lead them here?" said Wind.
"We'll howl, as loud as we can!" said Dakota, "and then when we see them, they'll come closer and we'll stop howling."
They started to howl.
The hunters were right under the tree then. The skunk sprayed! And Dakota and Wind jumped! Then all the hunters didn't die but they ran back to their cabins and then abandoned the forest. And they were so scared, they told the police! But they got locked up in a mental hospital for being so crazy.
And then suddenly, the pack ran to Dakota and Wind. Wind's mother and father licked him on the face. Dakota's brother tackled him. And the chief declared them the bravest wolves in the forest.
The End.

(*Note from Mom. This may be a political statement by Emma on hunting. This was strictly dictated by her and typed by me. I only wish you could have heard her animated telling of the story, as I did! Thanks for reading!)