Friday, August 15, 2008

An Ancient Fight

I am wondering a question that I haven't figured out. It's about some sort of fight against a sabre tooth tiger and an ancient cave bear. Who will win? I have a book about ancient cave bears and one about sabre tooth tigers. Two books. An ancient cave bear will frighten ancient people. And the sabre tooth tiger is the most furious cat. I read it on the cover of the book. It said that the ancient cave bear would frighten ancient people and the saber tooth is the most furious cat that ever lived. And in the book of the ancient cave bear, they call the ancient cave bear, an ancient giant. And the saber tooth looks like he gives me the creeps. But the ancient cave bear gives me even more the creeps. Who do you think would win? I think the ancient cave bear would. Whose team would you be on? Which one do you want to win? A very question that I don't think scientist know. It's a mystery that I will probably never figure out. You want to know one thing that I think the ancient cave bear would win? Cause I saw a picture in the ancient cave bear book that there were two ancient people in a cave, and a cave bear came in, and all they could do to protect themselves was throw a spear. And run for their lives. That's all.


Cindy Seay said...

I'm with you. I think the ancient cave bear would win. I'm pretty sure I would want to be on his team because he sounds bigger and creepier and maybe he would protect me if I were on his team.
I love reading your stories!!!! and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Family said...


I love this story and your question is very hard to answer. I would be very scared of both the ancient cave bear. I think he would win because he could lure the tiger into his dark cave and win.