Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crazy Brothers

My brothers are crazy! They always get into a mess. Today Treston got into a box of nails and poured them on the ground! Today Justus poured a whole bottle of pink paint out! Jax is big, he doesn't make messes like Justus and Treston, but he likes to mess with me! (Jax said that he LOVES to mess with me!)
Justus sometimes calls me Pickle!
Treston gets into the toothpaste and pours it everywhere!
Justus, Treston, and Jax sometimes take all the pans out and play with them.
One time they were making a lot of noise with the pots. It's hard being a big sister in this house.
Justus is banging a spoon right now.
Jax sometimes wears nothing but underwear.
Treston got into the clementines.
My brothers are just a mess. Big mess. Really, really big mess.
But I love them. Even though it's hard to be a big sister.