Monday, June 23, 2008


Cheetah can speed up to 45 miles in two seconds!!!! They are the fastest land animals in the earth. When they hunt down the animals they are so tired that it could take 30 minutes until they can eat. They used to live in Asia and America and other places in the world, but now they can only be found in Africa in small numbers. Cheetah babies can have a mohawk. Cheetahs are my favorite big cats.


Cindy Seay said...

I love hearing you talk about cheetahs and other animals. You are so smart.
i love you,

The Mosiers said...

After reading your post about cheetahs, I think that they are my favorite big cat too. I think it's funny how the babies sometimes have mohawks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Emma! I had no idea that cheetahs had to rest for 30 minutes after they hunted down an animal to eat it! That's nuts!