Saturday, June 14, 2008

beach boys

The beach boys are good. I like their music. They're really good. I want to buy a Beach Boys CD. I got a CD of the 50's and another of the 50's and the 60's. There's two songs from the Beach Boys. I'm going to try to save up money for a CD of the Beach Boys. I really like their music. I can't wait to get a CD of them. I just got to do a lot of dollar jobs. I'll ask my parents how much money would a CD be.
I really like their songs and well they're really good. I listen to the Soda Fountain Favorites and Early Rockin' Roll Music that has two beach boys songs on my headphones I listen to them. I just love them.


Cindy Seay said...

Did you know that I love the Beach Boys, too? They're great. I just used their song to do our Beach Vacation slide show.
i love you,

Phil Miglioratti said...

A friend who knows I love the Beach Boys told me about your post - Check out and

My favorite: The Little Girl I Once Knew and Our Prayer ...