Monday, October 6, 2008

A Greek Story: The Golden Apple

There's fake gods in this story. The leader of the gods is named Zeus, also known as Jupiter. Zeus wanted to get rid of some people on Earth. He decided he would cause a war on Earth. So he made a golden apple and wrote on top of it, "for the most beautiful." He called Eris, the goddess of strife. "Here" he said "take this apple to the wedding and drop it in front of my wife." Eris likes to cause trouble, so she did what he told her and went to the wedding. When she saw Hera talking with a couple of other goddesses, she dropped the apple in front of Hera. Hera was the wife of Zeus. Hera picked the apple up and said "This must be mine. I'm the most beautiful!" Aphrodite said "No, this must be for me." Athena said "No! This must be mine!" The whole wedding was wondering who the apple was for, and who was the most beautiful? Hera said "I know, we should ask my husband. Anyway, he's the chief." They went to Zeus, but Zeus said "Why should I judge my wife? Go to Earth and ask somebody who's the most beautiful goddess."
They went to ask Paris, the prince of Troy. "Let's see..." said Paris, wondering if he chose the wrong goddess if he would be striked dead.
"Pick me" whispered Hera, "and I'll make you the king of the whole world of men."
"No, no" said Athena "pick me, and I'll give you victory in every battle you fight."
"Wait" said Aphrodite "pick me, Paris, and I'll give you the most beautiful woman on Earth."
"That's what I want" said Paris, so he gave the apple to Aphrodite.
So Aphrodite did give him the most beautiful woman on Earth. But the woman that Aphrodite gave to Paris was already married, and that started a war in Troy. There was years of fighting, all because of Zeus and that golden apple.
*This story is not real, but it is pretty cool. There isn't any REAL gods other than the one true God we worship, but the Greeks believed in a whole family of gods that weren't real. These are pretty cool! If you want to learn any more stories or have questions about it, you can read "The Story of the World, History for the Classic Child, Volume 1: The Ancient Times." The author of this book is Susan Wise Bauer.


Cindy Seay said...

I love how you told that story!
i love you,

amy bowling said...

I used to teach with your Mom (when she was pregnant with you); I love to read your stories on this blog - you are so smart and funny!
My brother is a high school teacher and he teaches Latin (which includes mythology) to teenagers. He knows Greek and Latin and has taken many, many college classes about these fake gods. I read him your synopsis since this is his specialty, and he said, "Wow. That's a really clear picture of the Trojan War." He was quite impressed that you are only 8 years old.

Marcus and Meg Asby said...

Emma I was in a play once called The Trojan Women . It was about what happened after that war in Troy. You really did an EXCELLENT job of describing what happened. Your mom is such a great teacher, and you are so smart! I'm really glad learning is so fun for you.